Why Chris?

Christopher Clukey is the former managing editor of the quarterly trade journal Grain & Feed Manager and has been a freelance business writer for over a decade.

After serving as an Air Force aviation mechanic, he spent the early part of his civilian career in corporate sales, recruiting and marketing. He has written for numerous corporate and non-profit customers, providing them with everything from ad copy and phone scripts to brochures, newsletters, white papers and customer case studies. He’s also provided newspapers and magazines with regular history columns, punditry and feature articles on everything from medical helicopters to reformed mafia dons.

Now that you’ve read that, you may be thinking, “That’s nice, but why should I hire this guy?” Good question!

My broad background makes me comfortable with technical subjects and gives me the ability to understand your audience and speak in their language. That gives you more compelling content.

My clear and conversational writing will engage your readers and start (or continue) a conversation which leads to more business.

My journalistic and editorial experience gives me solid interview skills, and insightful interviews lead to copy with better quotes and greater impact. It also means the skills that make your B2B content strong—handling sources, facts and quotes and using them in the best way to tell a story or make a point—are second nature to me.

My happy clients got that way because I work hard to exceed their expectations and provide them with a zero-hassle experience from start to finish. I’ll be glad to do the same for you.

But please don’t take my word for it. Floyd K. Roberts, the publisher of Grain & Feed Manager, wrote this:

“From his first issue as Managing Editor of G&FM, I have appreciated Christopher’s organized, thoughtful and professional approach. He started with little material in-hand and created [nearly] an entire issue without getting off schedule, no matter what circumstances or I, as Publisher, threw at him. Though we needed more new feature material than we had in many issues, he maintained a positive attitude and an unruffled demeanor while doing his research homework and coordinating hectic interview schedules.

His long suit has been the development of materials which require some interpretation for the reader. He enjoys this element and is very good at it. …I am sure G&FM’s readers appreciate his clearly written approach to technical information, and I know I look forward to working with him on many more issues.”

These skills can be put to work for you. Let’s get started today. Email me or call (815) 232-2120.



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