“Bank Teller” 30 Second TV Spot

We open on a young man walking down the sidewalk of a typical American town. We follow him as he steps through the door and walks up to a teller. The teller is an elderly bald man, reminiscent of Wally Shawn or Tim Conway.


YOUNG MAN: (pushing an account card and ID across the counter) I’d like to withdraw one thousand dollars from my savings account, please.


TELLER: Certainly.


He pulls a stack of bills out of his drawer, then begins to count them out at a rate of about one per second. Every move is comically slow and deliberate.


TELLER: One…two…three…


Cut to the teller’s point of view. The young man has a bemused expression on his face, and we see that a long line of customers is forming behind him. One of the customers leans out of line with a similar bemused expression, trying to see what the holdup is, as the teller keeps counting.


TELLER: (offscreen) …four…five…six


MVO: If he counted our 14.5 trillion dollar national debt at this rate, it would take him more than 459,000 years. Is it time for a change?