“Mounting Debt” 30 Second Radio Spot

We open with a close-up of a steep, ice-covered cliff.

SFX: Shrieking wind (under and throughout).

An arm wielding an ice axe swings into frame and the axe bites into the cliff surface.

SFX: A grunt and axe striking ice.

The camera begins to draw back in a smooth, continuous movement. We see a mountain climber, weighed down with equipment and struggling his way up the cliff. Brilliant blue sky is visible behind him. Soon we see the person he’s talking to is a Sherpa guide, also struggling up the cliff. The mountain is large and very steep and the men are becoming very small as the camera slowly zooms out.

CLIMBER: Keep moving! We must be close to the summit!

SHERPA: It’s never seemed this steep before! And so high…it’s almost as if there’s more mountain every minute!

CLIMBER: (with a laugh) That’s crazy! I’m sure everything will be fine!

As the camera pulls back, we see that the men aren’t climbing a real mountain, but are climbing up a labeled line chart of the national debt (similar to this one) with a top that soars out of sight. Clouds drift by between us and the chart.

FVO: America’s national debt is over 14 trillion dollars now. Your personal share is over 46,000 dollars and climbing. Isn’t it time for a change? (Pause) End The Debt Coalition is responsible for this message.


“What Could You Buy?” 60 Second TV Spot

We open on a waitress standing in front of a white background. After she speaks, we cut to an Admiral, and then keep cutting to new people as each explains what we could buy with the money in the national debt.

WAITRESS: If you had the 14.5 trillion dollars we need to pay off the national debt, you could buy lunch for everyone on Earth every day for a year.

ADMIRAL: Or 2,800 Nimitz class aircraft carriers.

MOVIE DIRECTOR: You could make the movie Avatar 61,000 times.

SOLDIER: Or fund the defense budget for 22 years.

ASTRONAUT: Or fund the space program for 763 years.

WOMAN IN AIRLINE PILOT’S UNIFORM: Or buy 650,000 corporate jets.

MAN IN A WAL-MART UNIFORM: Or buy Wal-Mart…80,000 times over.

MAN IN A BUSINESS SUIT: In fact, you could buy the top ten companies in the Fortune 500 and still have over 12 trillion left to spend.

WOMAN IN BUSINESS ATTIRE: You could buy every American over the age of sixteen a Mercedes E-Class sedan.

LITTLE GIRL: Or…you could buy back my future.

MVO: If we don’t deal with our crushing national debt, our children will be bankrupt before they make their first dime. The time to act is now. (Pause) End The Debt Coalition is responsible for this message.

“Lullaby” 30 Second TV Spot

We open on a baby drifting off to sleep in a crib as his mother sings a lullaby.


SFX: Lullaby music as if from a music box, under the mother’s song.


MOTHER: (singing, offscreen) Hush, little baby, don’t you fret

You’re going to pay off the national debt

Fourteen trillion piled up high

IOU’s stretching to the sky

Before you can walk or stand

You’re going to owe a cool forty-six grand


The baby appears to be asleep. The lights dim.


SFX:Footsteps as Mom walks away.


The baby’s eyes snap wide open. He has a very stressed expression and he begins sucking on his pacifier for all it’s worth.


FVO: If we don’t act now to tame our national debt, our children will be bankrupt before they make their first dime. (Pause) End The Debt Coalition is responsible for this message.

“Asteroid Drillers” 60 Second TV Spot

We open on the surface of a huge asteroid. We can see a lunar lander-type spacecraft parked on the surface and a few astronauts near the lander’s crew ladder.

SFX: Breathing noises from the astronaut’s helmets.

We cut to a view on the surface of the asteroid, a few feet from the mission commander. He pauses near the bottom of the ladder. We glimpse the legs of another astronaut as she climbs the ladder and we can clearly see into the commander’s helmet as he looks at something in the distance behind and above us.

SFX: Beeping “transmit” sound, occurs at the beginning and end of each line of dialogue

COMMANDER: Houston, this is Capricorn. We have placed the warheads and we’re about to launch. You’ll be able to blow this thing in a couple of minutes.

HOUSTON: (offscreen, slight static from radio transmission) Ah, Capricorn, we’re going to need you to stand by a minute. The President and Congress are debating exactly when we should act. Might be awhile before they decide, so sit tight.

COMMANDER: (angry) What? Do they know what we’ve got up here? We have to do this right now or it will be the end of everything! A five year old could figure this out!

HOUSTON: (terse) Stand by, Capricorn. They promise they’ll get to it.

The commander stands for a moment, staring, mouth hanging open.

FEMALE ASTRONAUT: (offscreen) My God, Chuck, you don’t think…

We see the commander’s perplexed expression as he begins to give her his answer. As he speaks, we turn and rise until we see the lander, both astronauts and what they are seeing: The Earth is filling the sky above the asteroid’s horizon, perhaps only minutes away at the asteroid’s speed. North America is visible.

COMMANDER: I don’t know…I don’t know if we have enough time. [Pause] No more time…

Cut to a black title card. White supers come up on it in sequence.

SUPER: America’s national debt is now 14.5 trillion dollars and climbing.

SUPER: If we don’t deal with it, it will cause the extinction of our economy.

SUPER: All they’ve done in Washington is fight over how to make it bigger.

SUPER: The question is, can we turn it around in time?

FVO: End The Debt Coalition is responsible for this message.

“Bank Teller” 30 Second TV Spot

We open on a young man walking down the sidewalk of a typical American town. We follow him as he steps through the door and walks up to a teller. The teller is an elderly bald man, reminiscent of Wally Shawn or Tim Conway.


YOUNG MAN: (pushing an account card and ID across the counter) I’d like to withdraw one thousand dollars from my savings account, please.


TELLER: Certainly.


He pulls a stack of bills out of his drawer, then begins to count them out at a rate of about one per second. Every move is comically slow and deliberate.


TELLER: One…two…three…


Cut to the teller’s point of view. The young man has a bemused expression on his face, and we see that a long line of customers is forming behind him. One of the customers leans out of line with a similar bemused expression, trying to see what the holdup is, as the teller keeps counting.


TELLER: (offscreen) …four…five…six


MVO: If he counted our 14.5 trillion dollar national debt at this rate, it would take him more than 459,000 years. Is it time for a change?


“Asteroid” 30 second TV spot

We open on a starscape. We are in outer space. Far off on the distance, a tiny dot appears. We see it growing closer.


MVO: America’s national debt has reached 14.5 trillion dollars. That’s 46,000 dollars for every man, woman and child.


The dot keeps getting closer, and it seems to be moving very fast. It’s beginning to show some irregularities in its shape.


MVO: Four and a half trillion has been added just since 2008.


We see that the object is an asteroid. As it speeds toward a seeming collision course with us, we see that it’s quite immense and made of American currency. We begin to hear a whooshing sound with a low rumble under it.


SFX: Whooshing rumble of a large object traveling at high speed (under and throughout, with volume varying with the distance the asteroid is from us)


MVO: If we don’t deal with it soon, we face an extinction event for our economy. But all they’ve done in Washington is fight over how to make it bigger.


The asteroid flashes past us at amazing speed and we turn to follow it. A few coins spill off it here and there and spin after it in space. We see that the asteroid is on a collision course with Earth, which is looming large in the background of the shot. 


MVO: The question is, can we turn it around in time? (Pause) End The Debt Coalition is responsible for this message.