“Lullaby” 30 Second TV Spot

We open on a baby drifting off to sleep in a crib as his mother sings a lullaby.


SFX: Lullaby music as if from a music box, under the mother’s song.


MOTHER: (singing, offscreen) Hush, little baby, don’t you fret

You’re going to pay off the national debt

Fourteen trillion piled up high

IOU’s stretching to the sky

Before you can walk or stand

You’re going to owe a cool forty-six grand


The baby appears to be asleep. The lights dim.


SFX:Footsteps as Mom walks away.


The baby’s eyes snap wide open. He has a very stressed expression and he begins sucking on his pacifier for all it’s worth.


FVO: If we don’t act now to tame our national debt, our children will be bankrupt before they make their first dime. (Pause) End The Debt Coalition is responsible for this message.