“What Could You Buy?” 60 Second TV Spot

We open on a waitress standing in front of a white background. After she speaks, we cut to an Admiral, and then keep cutting to new people as each explains what we could buy with the money in the national debt.

WAITRESS: If you had the 14.5 trillion dollars we need to pay off the national debt, you could buy lunch for everyone on Earth every day for a year.

ADMIRAL: Or 2,800 Nimitz class aircraft carriers.

MOVIE DIRECTOR: You could make the movie Avatar 61,000 times.

SOLDIER: Or fund the defense budget for 22 years.

ASTRONAUT: Or fund the space program for 763 years.

WOMAN IN AIRLINE PILOT’S UNIFORM: Or buy 650,000 corporate jets.

MAN IN A WAL-MART UNIFORM: Or buy Wal-Mart…80,000 times over.

MAN IN A BUSINESS SUIT: In fact, you could buy the top ten companies in the Fortune 500 and still have over 12 trillion left to spend.

WOMAN IN BUSINESS ATTIRE: You could buy every American over the age of sixteen a Mercedes E-Class sedan.

LITTLE GIRL: Or…you could buy back my future.

MVO: If we don’t deal with our crushing national debt, our children will be bankrupt before they make their first dime. The time to act is now. (Pause) End The Debt Coalition is responsible for this message.