“Bank Teller” 30 Second TV Spot

We open on a young man walking down the sidewalk of a typical American town. We follow him as he steps through the door and walks up to a teller. The teller is an elderly bald man, reminiscent of Wally Shawn or Tim Conway.


YOUNG MAN: (pushing an account card and ID across the counter) I’d like to withdraw one thousand dollars from my savings account, please.


TELLER: Certainly.


He pulls a stack of bills out of his drawer, then begins to count them out at a rate of about one per second. Every move is comically slow and deliberate.


TELLER: One…two…three…


Cut to the teller’s point of view. The young man has a bemused expression on his face, and we see that a long line of customers is forming behind him. One of the customers leans out of line with a similar bemused expression, trying to see what the holdup is, as the teller keeps counting.


TELLER: (offscreen) …four…five…six


MVO: If he counted our 14.5 trillion dollar national debt at this rate, it would take him more than 459,000 years. Is it time for a change?


Grain & Feed Manager E-Newsletter Sample

Dear [Reader’s name],

Welcome again to G&FM’s industry marketing newsletter, bringing you updates from the grain industry’s management magazine and web destination!

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G&FM’s Winter issue continues to bring the best management tips, analysis and news to the biggest subscriber base of managers in the industry. Let’s look at just a few of the topics slated for Winter:

  • The second installments of two different four part series arrive in the Winter issue. Sherry Lorton of White Commercial tells managers how to “control the acres” in their market, and Stephanie Liska, President of Beck Ag, offers more on the ins-and-outs of Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Managers who are building business by using electronic marketing
  • Consultant Glen Ludwig uses a real world case study to show how to prepare a bulletproof succession plan
  • All that and more, including our rail coverage and association news.

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Feb 17-19

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GEAPS Exchange 2008

Feb 3 – 5

Omaha Convention Center

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“Asteroid” 30 second TV spot

We open on a starscape. We are in outer space. Far off on the distance, a tiny dot appears. We see it growing closer.


MVO: America’s national debt has reached 14.5 trillion dollars. That’s 46,000 dollars for every man, woman and child.


The dot keeps getting closer, and it seems to be moving very fast. It’s beginning to show some irregularities in its shape.


MVO: Four and a half trillion has been added just since 2008.


We see that the object is an asteroid. As it speeds toward a seeming collision course with us, we see that it’s quite immense and made of American currency. We begin to hear a whooshing sound with a low rumble under it.


SFX: Whooshing rumble of a large object traveling at high speed (under and throughout, with volume varying with the distance the asteroid is from us)


MVO: If we don’t deal with it soon, we face an extinction event for our economy. But all they’ve done in Washington is fight over how to make it bigger.


The asteroid flashes past us at amazing speed and we turn to follow it. A few coins spill off it here and there and spin after it in space. We see that the asteroid is on a collision course with Earth, which is looming large in the background of the shot. 


MVO: The question is, can we turn it around in time? (Pause) End The Debt Coalition is responsible for this message.